New Entertainment District in Colorado

New Glendale Development Aims to Position City as Social Hub

Officials from the city of Glendale, Colorado, have introduced Glendale180 -- a dining and entertainment development meant to reestablishe Glendale as the essential social hub of the Denver area.


Located five miles southeast of downtown Denver and less than one mile from the Cherry Creek Shopping District, the city is known as business-friendly. Its Infinity Park complex, including the internationally-known rugby stadium, state-of-the-art event center, high-altitude training center, and park and recreation facilities, has become a premier destination for families, athletes, and corporate enterprises, officials say. The new development should enhance that reputation and reflect the demographics of the city, according to the city's mayor, Mike Dunafon.

Area residents can recall fine dining at the Colorado Mining Company, spending Saturdays at the Disney-backed Celebrity Sports Center, waiting in line to watch the original Star Wars on the Cooper Theater's curved screen, or dancing all night at The Lift, community leaders say. While Glendale has seen an economic resurgence in the past decade, spurred on by the success of Infinity Park and a business-friendly atmosphere, the buzzing social scene created by those former staples has been missing. Glendale 180 is meant to fill that gap.

"This is a return to Glendale's roots," said Mary Beth Jenkins, president of The Laramie Company, which is coordinating leasing of Glendale 180. Serving as a bridge to the future while also channeling the best ofGlendale's past, it's not simply a collection of businesses surrounded by a sea of asphalt. It's open spaces, an active community, and the same breezy disposition found while exploring Colorado's wilder areas, the developer said. The upgrade is to instill a strong sense of place and a distinct identity as well as to create a destination. You can read more about plans for the the 42-acre site at Or, watch a video on how community leaders made it happen here.